You can tell who has an addiction just by seeing that when they do not use, have, touch or just see ther object of the strongest dependency, they always  feel less than happy.
So, a rich man seeing his Bently getting scratched by a rusty nail in the hands of an angry youth, can get as angry as someone who is trying to inject themselves, and is forced to quit raw.
Why so many drugs? Use of alcohol and other sustances?
It is simple. God made man, so that man later on could look for him. He created a dependence that men have mis- understood for eons, putting in the place made for God’s pure love, the love of violence, riches, beauty, and sustances, both natural and synthetic, to attain a state of pleasure, or happiness.
What they get is a cheap copy of true happiness, which can only come to one who both loves and obeys God.
Happiness means, your house can burn down, you can loose you job, your car, your friends, and still be happy, happy to know that God loved you so much, He let Jesus die, so you may still live.
Even Obama smokes cigrettes, and how can a nicotine addict, talk against others, who just may use other sustances?
It is sad to see, the bottom line of the druh war is money. The Gov does not get enough from dealers, they do not pay taxes.
Get any person who does not pay taxes, who should, and see what the IRS does.
Since that is so, no war against drugs can win until all the USA goes back to being a Godly nation.
Not until then, and that really means, not until Jesus comes back.

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