BP and the environment

As long as we as humans point fingers and look on who to place the blame, everyone who turns on a gasoline consuming motor is in part responsible. That is so because if no one bought gas, the oil price would plummet, big oil would fall, and other energy uses would be put to work, and the environment would benefit. Now, even when oil is used to make plastics, it hurts the environment. Just for a thought, why depend so much on a product that is so hard to get at? We shy from desalting water, because it is expensive, and water right now is not priced like oil.
We turn away from using safe products that do not put toxins in the drainage, we produce so much waste, and we live like this was our place, while death shows it it not so, we are here for a time, to be proven, whether we will do all the our Heavenly Father asked us to do. We are not here to get rich, and rise above the crowd, we are here to better our souls, with the Lord’s goodness. If the PB people were like Jesus, would they have done the same? Endangering animals, plants, and people, but cutting costs?
Just look at how greed can be seen as worse than the worse case of cancer.
It eats away at a man, and is the root of selfishness. Now, OK, maybe may work for BP, and they feed their families thanks to industries like BP. I am not bashing anyone, the point is God made the Earth, and it used to be good, until we got our hands at it, and have managed to botch it up rather royally.
Some day we will have to answer to our maker, and money will be of no help.
Before it is too late, wake up, and let us all see what we can do to help the area that has been damaged, and try to to better ourselves at the same time, because a better person can achieve more. This world is hungry for better people, who live for love and not for the love of money.

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